Who We Are

     Based in Pasadena, California, AdviseTech was founded Nov. 1998 by a Swiss Entrepreneur and his American Tech Partner, with combined 80 years of experiences in the High Tech Industry and Service Industry.



Our clients span the spectrum of different industries, from brokerage firms to car dealerships.

Just as one of the foremost principles of Swiss banking has always been trust, AdviseTech prides itself on offering a service that is always reliable, always trustworthy.

To maintain this high standard and a proven track record, AdviseTech hires technicians with past experience at such leading technology companies as IBM and Reuters, the 150-year-old global news, information and technology company. Since Reuters provides IT solutions to the most demanding financial institutions in the world, where five minutes of downtime may mean millions of dollars of trading losses, its technicians are trained to the highest standards in terms of both IT knowledge and service attitude. Like the world of global trading, AdviseTech operates in a 24/7 business environment, with technicians always on call to respond to your needs.

AdviseTech’s advanced technical staff have years of IT experience. There are a broad selection of Microsoft Certified System Engineers and CISCO Certified Network Engineers to be able to engage virtually any computing necessity.

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