Hardware Support Services

We can prepare a hardware support and maintenance plan providing for everything, from placing our staff on-site, to 24-hour on-call telephone support, with technicians dispatched when necessary. Our expertise covers connectivity, repair, upgrade and routine maintenance of: PCs, Mobile/Wireless Devices,... read more

Moving, Installation, And Services

Perhaps your company is growing and you are relocating to a new facility, opening a new office or simply hiring more staff. We provide services that make moves of existing equipment or installation of additional equipment as seamless and painless... read more

Network Operation Outsourcing

Like our Network Security Scanning & Analysis service, this service enables you to run a LAN or WAN in one office or multiple locations without hiring a dedicated and highly-paid technical staff. Using state-of-the-art remote network management tools, we can... read more

Virtual IT Department

The “Virtual IT Department” is our solution for companies who do not wish to invest in an in-house IT department but want the benefit of a dedicated and consistent staff they can call on when needed. Whether dedicated to you... read more

Telecommuting Services

For those of your users who frequently work from home or the road, we can set up cost-effective remote connectivity solutions to allow them to securely access your network. We will work with the PCs or laptops in question to... read more

Internet and Network Security

Having many years of experience in repairing, maintaining and upgrading network and internet components and services, we are well positioned to bring this expertise to bear for you. This includes work on Network Interface Cards, Switches, Routers, WiFi and Internet... read more